1. Very shameful and disgusting, this girl looking for attention so bad no self respect to be totally naked on Instagram. She delete all the woman dem comments and only keep the ones with men asking her for sex. She is a bad example for the magnum brand and should be removed

  2. might as well yanique walk naked now, she beyond pathetic & annoying now, ppl really saying she looks good?? i feel sorry for her child, this hoe want to be kim k so bad, no matter wah she do to her self se still cant keep a man to save her life, where are her friends?? family?? smaddy need fi tell her to calm down now. Yanique fk di most man & reshape her body yet still nah nothing fi show for it, she sad as f**k, she need mental help now.

  3. I remembered when Yanique first came about as a Hostess. At that time, she seemed humble and pretty low-key with her personality status. Now, mi waan know a wah fly inna har head? She jus a go above and beyond inna everything she do. A wah cause de change inna de temperature from 0 – 100? A wah really a gwaan?

  4. It’s just a naked full figured woman, wth implants, wrapped up in a red cloth on the beach . Breeze blowing, she looks relaxed x the beach looks inviting.
    It is just ART , I don’t know why people make such a big deal bout the human body . She looks beautiful .
    She also has an air about her, that she is seeking ultimate revenge in this photo shoot and sending a message to her competitors. Hmmmmmmmm.

    Anyway, LARGE UP Beenie Man , Charlie Black, Bounty Killer, Barrington Levy and all the other Jamaican artists who were present in Trinidad for Carnival and mash up d stage as well for their performances on Machel Monday Stage show.
    The people truly enjoyed the infusion of soca, calypso and reggae.

    Beenie Man you still HAVE IT- loved your impromptu remix on the music group ” Ultimate Rejects ” instagram page!! You took the hot and popular road march song ” Full Extreme ,” and on the SPOT creaTed a dancehall version … ” we jamming still ! ” as d chorus goes – maaaaaaaaaaadddd !!! Couldn’t believe u can create words on d spot like that … Hats off Beenie Man !!!!

    Congratulations to MX Prime for he ultimate MEGA HIT ” Full extreme,” that kept everyone Jamming jamming still from all over the world .

    – How Sweet it is when brethren and sistrens gather together in unity in d name of FUN !!!

    Bounty I enjoyed u and Beenie collaboration as well on that Trinidad stage last week. The crowd embrace you all and all of the talented Jamiacan artist .

  5. in a sense it guh wid de theme a the party flesh and beach but yuh c chue fi dem thing deh pon a different level wat do you expect

  6. That ass is never properly cleaned. The aim was to capture her sexuality but all mi see is one pair of sad eyes and and someone who is unsure of herself. What I dont understand about Yanique is that she paid money for plastic surgery that added bulk to her frame and then she photoshops all of her pics to look slimmer. Does that make any type of sense?

  7. Her ass looks like it takes forever to wipe just gross and I watched Magnum Kings and Queens and she looks worse on TV. Not to mention she is a horrible host downright rude to the contestants. Added to that she clearly had on no underwear in a dress with cutout sides. I’m sorry call me bad mind but she is just tacky.

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