From “stolen goods” to “worn” to “like new”. Bkflynest did this sweater become “like new” after you wore it on Sunday? If you’re selling your merchandise after you wear it, you’re not bad and boujee, you’re just doing bad altogether. I hope you’re not dumb enough to post your girl’s Louis bag in the pic and then try to sell it next week.

11 thoughts on “LIKE NEW TUH !@$^^

  1. Met need to expose him he is a thieffffff !! Him thief my friend a newyork bag sell and never pay her him a thief so his is not surprising him always a diss people and him ugly nuh bloodclot wid him gal !! A suh bobbette scam the things them him sell them fi har and him don’t check the things a next girl was complaining him sell her fake shoes !! Nashawn is a thieffffff him always a throw shade and him girl favor bulldog thank god for make up

    1. She ugly wid it too. She fayva Lily from Lilo & Stitch wid her big flat nose!

      I was wondering if it was the same shirt him wear and a try sell back.
      Him probably not even wash it, just steam out him green arm and a talk bout “Like New”
      then again a the idiots who wan tag “outfit by:” and get a repost IG alone a give him dem hard working or hard scamming dollars.

  2. But she favor bulldog him always a class people and him bald headed hate the thieving battyman all him do a kiss Robert bobby ass a sell all har thieving goods me seh can’t wait until police bangle him ras cause you a criminal nashawn

  3. Me seh me can’t wait till them buck him in newyork too f**king thief him nah rob the yankee them who have nuff followers me seh police know bout him and a sell scammer people things him must nuh know when yuh a dig hole dig two …. bull dog gwan like she hot she can’t walk in a sweets anyway so ras ugly bun me fi him always class people and him so ugly damn scammer can’t wait for tea tenders to expose his ass

  4. He is very hype and don’t look good, just because it’s name brand doesn’t mean it looks good on YOUR BODY a dat unno fi learn. His pants needs to be pulled up on his skinny body. The girl carry herself nice and that’s what brings her off

  5. Big scammer.. Feds soon catch him.. Report was made already… They think this credit card scamming is a joke… Mek sure yuh lawyer money up

  6. Mosey dwl but met really need to help expose him a nuff people him steal from tek them things tell them it fake then two weeks later him post it and sell it like a his him is a wicked battyman nobody can’t tell me him nuh gay ! You want see him a bobette party last year all him do a run down the scammer them to get stuff to sell him sell fi high price and then tell the people dem it only sell for this him thief bad ! I just can’t wait for the pull down but it coming cause police know him a sell for the scammer dem it’s illegal to sell fraud or stolen goods .

  7. Bad and bougie yes the police know him he has quiet a lot of reports the police all watch his snap chat a sell fridge appliances he is into a lot of things so bulldog better get her life marrying a scammer and a parade like them a good people . Nypd and new jersey police department internet crimes department has all his information !! There connected all of them thru social media tenisha bobbette etc it’s going to be big !!

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