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  1. Is who guh really send video and wake up Desmond yuh know mi kin rite ova,mi seh all de swell lip still a sleep…..him 100% correct tho, Gully nd Amari deh pon live stream a gwaan wid a bag a phuckery and her kids rite there watching them fight’n and cuss’n

    1. Bwoy Simplicity, just 2 days ago someone was showing me the video of him boxing her & good God they both turn stomach. She, well, no wonder all her men beat her. As for Gully Bop, clearly his pride wash weh gone in the gully long time. I wouldn’t want him nowhere near me either.

  2. Bwaay Ninja dem get u dark..caz bad man nuh du pink…dwl. If a laff dis morning..mi body..Ninja nuh mek dem mek u guh back inna hiding yahn son…no say..highways and byways, plane and all..up like 1 yahn Ninja…but Ninja oh sometimes di one have a curve a di top..

  3. Someone please send in the video. I just had a good laugh but Ninja has some very valid points. We need to respect ourselves and each other… especially in the age of technology. Once something is on the net, it’s out there forever.

  4. JMG nuh have de bandwidth or megabit space for such video de waste a space weh di admin have reserve a fi other bearable waste story

  5. Let the congregation say AMEN. Pull up n come again dem gone to far wid the madness. Once mi si sey all di pikney dem involve dat was it. As a big tuff grown Man U sit down beside a women
    A talk about what u eat from what u don’t eat n shi don’t get nu kind of addressing or cussing something wrong. Mi si long time carelessness is fi dem motive.

  6. Mi agree with him. Gully fi tek weh himself. She did seh on stage that when she dun with him…it a guh worst than him and Chin. Bop yuh nave nuh luck wid woman.

  7. Ninja….yu deh pon bail fi murder anna trettn people? Guh siddung one side yaa cause yu cannot hide doze soup coolers. Squaddie find yu inna five minutes sen yu bakka GP guh kin puppalik

    1. :ngakak Willy! Yuh know, I didn’t even remember his trial, but you’re right. Why you & Simplicity don’t leave the man lips alone? Yuh neva get vex till yuh lips swell man? :ngakak

  8. Gully think it’s a show Amari big kids deh pon computer wid fake pages cuss out di ppl dem She big son sing one rap song 2 days ago an say ‘ Slob on my knob Bop’ Dat mean suck my d!&k

    Amari mek di boy pull up 5 times r more on dat verse

    Last nite Bop reach him breakin point n tump out r bloodclaat n shi bex wen ppl tell r bout she self n block dem

    go live fi tell ppl she nuh bathe r brush teeth disgusting big n worse her period was/is on How yuh nuh bathe n bleed out ina di phone store fi hours bcuz yuh nuh want Bop fi guh a studio

    Di kids dem all know how to behave fi di camera n hear dem cuss ina di background wen camera nuh on dem

    Mi pray Bop nah step foot back in deh

    Ninja talk di truth mi sorry fi Gully Bop

    Amari mek whol heap a ppl turn on Bop he shoulda c it coming long time fi likes

    Bop tell her mi cyan tek yuh n yuh football team dwlllll

    Di ppl dem get tuh her mad head n hype her up fi dun Bop bcuz Bop nuh dun Rica live smh

    One big poppy show

  9. People been warning Gully Bop from Amarie have him pon video a sleep and a drink soup. I suspect that Amarie shows him what she wants him to see. He is not reading comments and hearing what people are saying about him cause he doesnt know how to use the phone/computer cause not even Western Union him cant send money through on his phone. Sorry fi him when him come back down here cause not even a baby nuh rate him .

  10. MET – Hi baby girl two questions from your friend DC Pinks.

    Why does his mouth look like a camel? What is the name of the FB page the nonsense is transpiring from? Also, Met I want to send you something I need some information and directions and I trust your input along with your loyal bloggers.

    Imma put some respek on your name for that, LOL

  11. WAITTT DEH MET. U don’t c Amari put up video with a woman a tell her say ninja have AIDS. And him give her friend. I can see seh that gal mad but met it can’t be too far fetch especially with the fact say ninja have 28 baby mom’s. Plus him use to shoot up. So MI nuh know bit it getting mighty hot in this kitchen. Suh MI just a stay Inna MI lane and peep over lol

    1. And the fact that Jamaican people cursing this Mad woman out for Ninja Man they should go get tested. Aids is not no laughing matter and if Dude really have it and spreading it the world needs to know.

    2. Lol u know is the said video I just finish watch. When I say this is not going to end well at all. These r 2 mad people but we are going to find out who madder she or him but I have a STRONG sense Ninja man head just a Likkle more madder den dem. I myself will be peeping over.

  12. Ok..and The Amari Lady had a caller from Cali who put it out there that Ninja Man has Aids. I don’t condone Amari’s behavior, BUT! The people who cursing her out to have the caller telling the www. That Ninja man has aids and actually gave it to her friend I hope for the females he has slept with it is not true! Cause Jah know if a true this not nice.

  13. A 1 stink yankee gal da demon go find frm da projects dis bitch dangerous a only hope dis whale walk wit 10 bodygaurds wen she land a jamaica

  14. Met, the site a act up like when Bready did Kin ova. Something no too right, It is running slow and I cannot see all the comments, Maybe is my computa? Me nuh know but the duppy them seems like them out and bad. :ngakak

  15. With all due respect Mr. Ninja man sir, your mouth doesn’t look sanitary enough to eat anyone’s crotch.

  16. Mi sure know Ninjas lips have been into some dark moist places already. Ninja, your lips did meck fi di suckings and mi nah talk bout drinking box juice wid straw. You never hare di saying, to whom more is given more is expected. You may be a late bloomer, but betta late than never.

  17. I agree wid Ninja 100% fe put Gully Bop and Amari inna dem place. It was just on Sunday afternoon I watched some of their videos, and boy, oh boy! Amari admit it on camera dat Bop eat har pums, and dat him hood dead, called him a dutty bwoy, and told him to get out of her house, among other insultive things. He cursed her out too in the most derogatory way about her pums, and then he slapped her in her face on camera.

    Also, prior to meeting Amari, Gully Bop did hang out wid Ninja Man. There’s also a video out with one of Gully Bop’s son cursing out him Faada and Amari. He is ashame of the lifestyle that Gully Bop is living now.

  18. I don’t know why dem go irritate Brother Desmond outta him slumba Di man cross till him buck …. No Sah :ngakak

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