Mawning deh Aunty Met and Metters
Met yuh di deh girl here lawd mi nuh wha stare ar testimony but mi ago give a piece earlier inna di year ar baby fadda Owayne a scammer yute Weh disguise the scamming money as if a dance him keep and get all that money got shot up and sadly he passed away she and the baby were in the car her and the child survived but she was in the hospital for a little while anyways met after such an incident mi woulda think seh she woulda wise up and move away from the foolishness because nobody nuh wha talk but a di same yute dem Weh did deh roun him shoot them up and kill him and nearly kill ar but yuh si in the name of fast life, bottle popping and latest fashion wearing she will not leave the fast life foolishness alone. Word to you young lady you do a great job with your son inspire of Owayne not being around but cut them people deh from roun yuh especially some of those females a dem same one a carry news and call up yuh name please be safe and watch out for fake friends




5 thoughts on “YOUNG MISS..YUH NAH LEARN

  1. Nuff ppl love talk bout ppl a watch them/ppl life…but sometime we fi tek talking to and pree things and we will most likely see wah dem a talk bout!

  2. Spoon if yuh Neva seh nothing sensible yet this right here Mek so much sense idk her but the sender put enough for me to know if something really go like this then girl I would be rejoicing that my son and I are alive and everybody Weh did mean mi no good before mi gone leave them smh I see too much of this hype scamming life leaving families in ruins fi me go tek it up to each their own ya

  3. Met I know this girl not to talk to but the sender is telling the truth…Her baby father had a wholesale on Old Harbour and they had just closed up when they shoot up the car with them in it…She was in intensive care for a long time…The little baby is a nice little boy..The person in the blue dress is her aunt next to her in the blue dress…She is a pretty young girl.I don’t know who has her baby daddy millions now…She lived in the gated neighborhood with him.. I won’t say where because of the child….Never know who’s reading what and where..She is from Gordon Pen…

  4. Yes Spain she and di man did a run the whole sale and sell clothes well old bruck Weh come from farrin and couldn’t fit dem a think di Aunty mussi name Lisa lol born scammer I tell yuh but if I were her I wouldn’t even come to surface mi woulda lay very low because di same persons Weh tek ar baby fadda life will be the same people dem Weh come back for her. Notice mi seh persons because it was more than one of them and she knows that but in the name of fear and that she will go down in the scammer ring she naw seh a word but Met its more to this story yuh hear dem all have it fi seh it was all a set up some of di boy other friends set him up

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