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  1. Now I read everything pon di pink wall and agree with some of the things that are being said but this one here is all lies. I know both of these people and I can tell you they are really in love with each other. The girl is no way a hoe, she just have fun she is a independent woman that just enjoys her life and she only has one man. So cum off good people name and find other mix up

  2. MOrning MET !! well if she a HOE n d man a HOE den no match made in haven…u a hate bout “So Called Artist”

  3. I don’t know this lady personally. However I do follow her pon Insta. And as far as I see; she a enjoy har life. Why you mad though senda? Is it because the whoring man never want you?

    1. lol, whey u say Pudding Pop? di man neva waan dem so das why dem a hate pon di couple dont? It sound like a jealous mate or ex mate send it een still.

  4. I like’ hoes…can’t stand SLUTS. So more POWER to you two LOVING ‘hoes…lol.

    My girl is that your real hair? Nice head of hair…it a run me foot by some inches. If not! nice try…lol like it said way.

  5. Unnu need fi low ppl business alone, how unnu suh wicked and pussyclate lie. They are very much so inlove unnu need fi try again and come with something better then dat. Smh

    1. Nu pay de senda nu mind…any hoo is that your hair? That a de subject of conversation fi me…I LOVE IT. Real or fake I LOVE IT.

  6. he a hoe she a hoe match made in heaven. she taking care of him with her money cuz him nuh have nothing nah gwan wid nothing. she a fool in this day and age ah tek care a grown ass washed up artist this nigga betta find a manager oh

    1. Well that is true i know the guy and i mus say him very beggy beggy lmao.. Him gwaan like him high and mighty and dont have dry shit innah him batty… Peppa is a liar him trick and fool nuff gyal but god nah sleep

  7. who cares if the two a dem a whore….
    To each his own…. whores need love to.
    But Sylvia, a guess a cause every pan knock u deh deh and u barely wear clothes mek dem a hate.

  8. This one definitely not called for. I know of her and she is a kind, fun loving, hard working, independent woman. She is caring and supportive of her friends, family, and even associates. She always have a smile on her face and you never hear or see her in no mix up. I know for a fact that she is also very charitable. She gives back to her community here and Jamaica. Post that!!! I dont know what kind of grudge the sender have against this couple but she need to try something else

    1. Glad she is charitable!! He surely needs it. Match made in heaven then! I don’t know her but mi sure as hell know him! So she is perfect for him.

    1. What business is it of urs if she choose to take care of him? she’s the one Thats working her 9 to 5…’ Not u?…..Clearly someone is mad at Peppa because him ah wife har up, she’s all over his ig/ f/b.AH dat ah mad yuh?..lol..she’s no secret to the Public, Come out ah di ppl dem business and go get a life….Dem ah beg u nothing? Obviouisly ur a non factor BITCH who has to hide her identity behind pink wall!….’OK’. I SEE U WAANT some ATTENTION SOOOOOOO LETS GIVE IT TO U.and the grammy goes to…. MISS NON FACTORr. BITCH…lol germs u got ur five mins a fame, go dig some more cause dis ah story yah AUTHENTIC ….FOOL!

      1. Met,

        The man is a married man to mi friend ah England. Di girl is ah nice big women way have har things going for her. Ah same way him do har and him and she did front page of everything. She did all ah manager him career. Him did have everybody ah beleive say him love har just fi get har money. He is a scammer but what goes around comes back around 10 times more

  9. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10200219819532700&set=vb.1668710018&type=2&theater she nasty peer sluttyness dey pon her face book page and peer mon jus ah cooment. di ? mi waan know is jahzeal aka mr pepper yuh can bring diss dancehall matress international matress to u modda yuh mom a rasta an u can carry dutty slyvia to u mother an a talk bout you ah go mek har nuh wify or baby mother. you know how much man dun pon har she ah longtime paid whore. mi an her use to be friends an fall out cuz mi find out sey she f**k 2 ah mi ex man while me an dem did still dey. she f**k off half ah florida man oh man pepper come again yo

    1. Look like you ah pree har page heavy my girl. And used to be friend? i dont think so. if she f**ked ur 2 ex men then why not bust her before? why wait till now that she is with a man that you obviously know and want for yourself? shouldnt you be glad that she is with someone so she wont mess with any more of your men. shouldnt u encourage the union so that u can finally have a man of your own? Of course she get plenty comments. she sexy and she cute. Everyone has a past…dont open pandora”s box

  10. The person who just post dat last post u sound so f**king hurt lmfao yo kill yuh bloodclate self fi the one deh

  11. At least if my friend is a paid whore she not f**king for free.she have her house a foreign and her house in jamaica.cars and money in the bank.so i dont care wtf yall wanna say about sylvia aka sexyreds she hot and she always on top .independent, fun ,sexy and beautiful so yall go suck yall mother when she a see her blood .from rass sherekia come runinto me bitches

  12. At least if my friend is a paid whore she not f**king for free.she have her house a foreign and her house in jamaica.cars and money in the bank.so i dont care wtf yall wanna say about sylvia aka sexyreds she hot and she always on top .independent, fun ,sexy and beautiful so yall go suck yall mother when she a see her blood .from rass sherekia come runinto me bitches .Haters

  13. peppa n sylvia wish you all the best n rem in every thing yuh have bad mind some ago luv yuh n some ago hate just live up!

  14. dwl mi just ah see this ah one yah. Peppa who love f**k wid out condom my gal becareful fi aids him have one bag of women all over US & JA. Him did deh wid ah NY gal and she left him. him walk an peer women money him ah actor. tis poor gal nuh do har research. RUN GAL RUN dwl

  15. mi f**k him and him cocky small like wah. fi how him look yuh widda think him good inna bed but him wack nuh f**k not hating just ah tell di truth. him cocky comin like mi di ah get f**k by a lickie pickney what ah sin mi feel. LMAO. good luck gal wid that boring little dick man.

      1. Lmfao I cant believe a sum much gyal peppa f**k wid him likkle buddy self…Peppa gwaan like him a look fi sekkle dung and start family bout all him waan is your hard earn money fi fund him so call career… Mek peppa move him bloodclaat i remember linking up wid da nasty f**ker and him mek mistake nd lef him blackberry and the amount of gyal him a sen him tiyaad cocky pic guh gi it was ridiculous gyal all a sen naked pic too him to.. From mi see dat I knew what time it was…Wishing him new woman ntn but the best caw u gonna need it wid a man like him

        1. @talkditruth you ain’t never lie girl. I guess he sold his tired stories about his career to everyone huh. Well hopefully he does right by this girl. He is such a con artist but we all have to learn. God bless them both .

  16. If he has been or is still with so much women…what is it about this one that made it to the pink wall eeehh? It sound like a bunch of women scorned. If he has AIDS..isnt it one of you that slept with him gave it to him? smh…

  17. i read eveything. if i did know thats how peppa did stay i would of never talk to him. he will sex u raw on the second time raw and tell u he dont f**k raw, he really do love to beg money if he dont get him mad. long story short i used to deh wid him too.

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