Oh please met u r being bias. Nothing was done to the gal face. That was her y u refused to post the other picture. I don’t like the girl she walk n f**k with people n talk bout people like a dog. SO now it’s her turn. Come on I never see u defend no body say yet. Must be ur family. Bc u r truly bias.

Below is the pic she sent that is distorted

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  1. It just seems like the lighting & the filter on the picture has her face looking like that. Its pregancy face. She had a big face before & now she preg its even bigger.

    1. But sender…aren’t we all biased in some way, shape or form? We are all coming to her defense because she is pregnant and very hormonal, so her body is naturally going thru changes…sender, do us all a favor and leave her alone; she’s pregnant..I’m almost certain that she doesn’t feel like being taunted by her family members who love and care for her, much less a moron like yourself who she probably doesn’t know nor gives a fuhck about, so leave her alone, okay? :thumbup

      1. I’m almost certain that she doesn’t feel like being taunted by her family members and friends who love and care for her during this very delicate and important stage in her life, as most pregnant women feel this way because she is bloated, swole feet, hot baby pushing down on her cervix, labor pains, etc…( sender, that’s called pregnancy you assshole…so leave her to be stress free and happy )…

  2. Person so she walk n fuxx with you ok u send a one post ok u send a two post alrite then mi can anderstandt even 3 post BUT whey di rassclattttt u send like bed bug inna piss up mattress so fah u can done man it look u make it ur job fi walk n look fi di girl kmft build a fuxxing bridge n get over it already maiiiinnnne

  3. :peluk :peluk shani mi stay weh too long now mi cum bak ova yah luk like farrin :hammer ayeeeeeeeeeeeeee mi peoples wat a gwaaning on yah :kiss

  4. well people i know for sure the person did not do anything to the photo. i know X and said to say she had the pic up as her whatsapp profile pic. so who ever send this is must have her number and dont like her.

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