Gabby Goldfinger added a new photo to the album GABBY IN THE BEACH IN JAMAICA
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Dale Samuels Look like a dude in a casket.
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Remington Chrome Steel Gabby yu frighten mi till mi read
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Spartacus Spartan Take that down i dont like that look.. looks like funeral pict…..luv u gabby. But this dont work
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Sonia Jerry a nuh beach dat…
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Pinky Lou Mi nuh like it gabby look like u dead mi fren
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Buffie Buff Bay Buffas This is the worst pic I’ve seen with u Gabby Goldfinger… Plz take it down… Stop frighten yu fans
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Remington Chrome Steel lol buffie yu maaaaad but a true
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Buffie Buff Bay Buffas Listen Remington Chrome Steel I keep shit 100
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Kareen Powell On the beach in suit don’t like that pic
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Charm Foreverbless Ctfu @ yall comment.. Gabby Goldfinger better u was wearin swimsuit but come on now Gabby dont do we that mon cho..
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Anna Willis Not a nice picture I was stunned glad to know you are okay
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Fay Howard U on di beach in a suit? Not a good look Sir!!!
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Capacinea Cappo-Green Barclay Wtf oh okay
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Lorna Reynolds Gabby you scare the F##k out a mi tek dat down!!!!
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Capacinea Cappo-Green Barclay It looks spooky I don’t like it
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Jay Redd
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Jenefer Walters Dietrich Yea, that looks really scary. Change the picture!!
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0 thoughts on “MNL

  1. Gabby was in the Sahara Desert inna the hot asss suit and start hallucinate and tek the pic; look how him looking at the desert plant like him in love…only thing missen is the camel..

  2. Yep! said it best. I saw this and ignored it from morning, thinking it was a funeral program.
    Hi Met, Yep! Chuet, Real and all who me fi hail up…hailings.

    1. Phantom, is the hot heat cause it happen tuh mi a dung ya as well last week; scawling hot Georgia heat and sweating like a hog; thought I was walking on air and was seeing doubles of everything…come to realize mi did have on mi eyeglasses upside down…a stranger had to tell me; talk about embarrassment :cd

  3. Night everyone, uno lucky, is ready me did ready fi let the dead rest in peace,and all send mi condolence to the deceased family, and all the sentiments that you attribute to the dead, is a lucky thing mi read the whole thing, are else me would look like fool like the lunatic ina the sand. :hammer

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