Good day Met. The other night I went to this party in payneland. My girlfriends and I . I am on vacation from England We saw some girls. Oh Lord. Why These lady don’t use YouTube for makeup tips and learn to put on the shade that is right for they skin tone. I had to search for the pictures and send them in. Make up school please. Uglyyyyyyyy and ladies OMG the bleaching. Jamaica girls love to bleach. I was right across from these girls all night and I just couldnt take it. The look and the dressings was saddddd. I must say the party was a great one would go again and every time I am in Jamaica would go. Great music and dancing. I love the Jamaica dancing I also went to a party in Lime light I think that’s the name of the club the same Wednesday. Love Jamaica the parties or great. Ladies watch YouTube free makeup tip. Its all about the right shade. Thank you. That is all.


















53 thoughts on “BLEACH FEST

  1. The bleaching have dem a way, it changes the color of the skin in ways and shades it shouldn’t be, the bleaching must stop that’s why the make up doesn’t look right, it’s being applied on bleach skin… It is just sad that natural beauty and color is fading from our young black woman… The society that they are living in make it seem like bleaching is a must or else no one want you or you won’t get a good job etc… It’s just crazy to me…

  2. The girl in the blue,Nikki and the last pic chick can get it though! Forward @realjohncrowbelly see 2toned food ya boss.

  3. Sender as much as how me hate nikki n she inna d lot u need fi guh bk a skl a England cause foreign school system way more affordable n efficient..duncehead bloodclaat gyal

    A ur body??.fi guh see u to..

    Wonder if u did born inna Language Arts time??.cause u nuh knw one f**k boe English Language

  4. *** Playing Devils Advocate***

    Sender, there has been many occasions that pictures have been submitted showing poor fashion and terrible make-up application from party-goers in England. Also, judging from the background of these pictures, you went to a dance in the ghetto. This looks like a street dance, not a club so when commenting on the dressing, please realize that people wear what they have and are trying to go out to have a good time but within their means. Just because in the US and England women are able to go to a little cheap store and purchase a one-wear-dress or one-wear-boot, kindly remember poor Jamaicans may not be that fortunate.
    I agree, the bleaching needs to stop but again, why the shock? You submitted on pinkwall so i’m certain you have seen bleachers from Wales, to Canada to NYC, to Africa…so where is the news?
    If you and your girls went to the party and “dun di place” congrats, you coming from “foreign”. You certainly not going to walk around looking “pop-dung” but just be cognizant that the JA economy is struggling, some people are poor and they are just trying to have a little break from harsh realities.

  5. Congrats fi mek wi more gamous! Why? The world know wi as star if u nuh deh pon pinkwall u nah seh nuttn!

  6. di rihanna looking gyal just need bout 20lbs more and she woulda bad no raas…..the chick in the white dress with the shoulder tattoo……yep…..she can get di D grade followed with a good F……di chick inna di all white body suit or whatever… not a fan of spanx but please….invest ……last but not least…di chick inna di pink and black….hello honey, hello good looking……

  7. Mystery lady jhoncrow inna di mirrow weh come from england inna ochi weh have a 10 to 10 job but yet still have time fi search facebook picture site fi we…a nuh our falut fi make di 3 picture them go up n u neva mention bwoy mi neva know that coulda kick off yuh head but sometimes yuh fi know seh some gyal money cyah hole man buddy mouth 1 thing weh cyah hole inna ur big pussy a 1 donkey hood!! Yuh must remember seh a u suck sandy pussy first badmind yuh badmind cause wi bleaching stay good nuh bbc

  8. I am sorry miss blackie the bleaching look baddd the first one ugly the second ugly the third ugly and it goes on and on. Makeup gone badddd too much tattoo too much. The last one just need to get the eyebrow right.

  9. Smaddy from england can talk bout bad dressing and bleaching like a only Jamaica them buck up that. Please. The most bleaching gwaan there with the Africans, Pakistani and Jamaicans living there.

    And don’t talk about the dressing. Me did live there

  10. U too bloodcloth nuff…a hate unnu hate the gal dem..dem gal deh eva look good..go suck u madda whose so eva a chat bout the gal dem ugly…leave the look good gal dem a dem is not the first set a gal weh a bleach a d inting go suck unnu madda bad mine…girls unnu hot aswear an unnu eva look good who so eva cum wid diss a true unnu stay bad gwey an low d gal dem..all dah bitch deh a weh a talk bout tatoo so wah every gal a run go put on tatoo bitch unnu low the gal dem alone lol u can bet say is a stay bad gal a chat

  11. All a who weh a chat the gal dem leave dem alone dem look f***g good me love dem bleaching bad aswear dem clothes dem look good anyway dem always look good so unnu come wid summu else dem a nu the first set a girls weh bleach every gal a bleach so please a badmine unnu bad mine the gal dem

  12. So the same girl them that picture up and run come and a comment. Which one a the pictures r u. Them stay bad and that is the end of it. We not taking back any talk. Ugly ugly shade bad bleaching gone wrong tattoo ugly too.

  13. Lord a who send in Espute family dem cause pic 1,2,3,5 10,11,12 is all family, Mi just feel like is more to this story… Them send in Maxine and sandy pic two day ago now today again sender u boring…

  14. Yow mi fambo a now mi know dem batty face gal wah badmind cause it evident…. Dem a kill up dem self bout bleaching, bleaching a the in thing, a wi mek nuff gal follow an bleach, suck unu mada badmind wi suppose to tattoo an bleach cause it fit wi an wi can afford it yea!!

  15. A betta unu did a wear cheap makeup cause unu mek unu mouth an batty bun unu fi wear expensive make up. Unu nuh have nuttn pon the gal dem cause dem cause dem name neva call pon sadamite, suckhood nor lick out batty.

  16. Sender like how u big bad and brave just make we know a u bitch… Hey gal any day we find out a who u be..bitch u is a dead gal just remember that

    1. Go kill yu gingaration! Damn bright. Senda not lying and a because a negative feedback pon onu style mek unnu want fi kill somebody?

      Fi one onu makeup no stay right, clothes and shoes dem nah bingo, few a onu body shape good and the rest a onu portion out like when dumpling mek bad…wharf dog head whey mawga like wow hope a no you a offer death, or the Hercules body one in a white dress.

      Payneland whoring mongrels kip quiet. Onu done out the date site yet? Think people nu see Met post :hammer

  17. Unu clothes den not even clean like the gal dem yard clothes… I guess dem affi be the topic because dem clean dem nuh go wholesale settings. Everybody weh know dem know dem a star so unu jus put some respect pon the gal dem name… Anyway haters always gonna hate because dem wah be like unu

  18. Whatever we all know is u all a comment. Cause any one to look and see these pic. Know u all don’t look hot. Which man want you all. Come talk that. You all have a job I think not. Not looking like that

  19. The 4th pic with the 4 gyal the 1 Inna d white top….nyam cocky like rice…gwane like she all DAt….always a run har mouth she n har f**k out Fren….the unexpected is coming

  20. U too nuff bout shake me head a dat the gal dem say waite till dem find out a which mystery lady deh…all u weh a chat off u suck hood mouth bout sender not lieying gwey an go look a f**g life u can bet say a sum stay bad gal do diss..yow diss nu mek nu sence aswear is not the only set a girls weh a bleach an have tatoos yow any gal weh do diss suck too much hood an u can bet say a f**k she a f**k one a di gal dem man enuh an a true the man nu want r mek she do diss….sender go an suck a dog hood u suck the gal man hood an hm nu want u sad fi u…me love dem bad girls dont stop bleach unnu look f***g good

  21. Rayyyy the gal dem a movie star dem deh on pink wall very inportant girls u r love the look girls unnu hot…yoww a which boy do unnu tatoos mi love dem trust mi an tell me wat unnu use an bleach wid a summer nw an mi look like u girls…love the look ladies…suck unnu madda bad mine suck unnu madda 1oo time…is must a waist gal do diss mi nu think she have sence she a duppy bat

  22. Big hole gal nutting nu wrong wid di gal dem clothes an shoes u can bet say u nu look good big pussy gal a every ting u wear look good go suck u madda an low the gal dem u so wat a ur face the make up deh pan u lady weh love bring dunn woman unnu a sum set a waist gal an bad mine gal all u mi shoulda nw u an see how u look an dress gwey mon bloodcloth mi igg fi unnu low people life style cause sum a unnu nu betta go an suck unnu madda an fadda an a dat the gal dem say dem waan hole dah gal deh bitch u too rass nuff big holela

  23. Yow nutting dont wrong wid the girls dem….dem look good to me a must a gal weh hate dem do diss but girl just dont stop wat u doing haters will always hate a life an ucan bet say is a gal weh nu look good do diss…big unnu self unnu look f**g good ladies dont stop please ladies hot girl a rock it

  24. Big woman ting mi an dem gal deh a nu friend but any body weh a do diss unnu wrong dem gal deh look good alway a nuff dance me go an see dem an dem always hot mi eva a look pan dem mi na lie to me dem bleaching look goood so unnu need fi stop it dem hot true is true gwaan do unnu ting ladies mi na beg nu friend but a di true

  25. everyone just need to shut up. lets party tonight and see who bad, who dress good let your dressing speak and the make-up talk tonight at magnum Wednesday. who can take the best pictures and we will see who real ugly from who no ugly. I will be there me and my crew early too cause i want to see when you all walk in. cause you no hot like me or more than me. skii gal from waltham eat shit.

  26. An u suck hood like dog f**k out gal it look like u knw how fi eat shit cause u eat it aready f**k out gal cum suck we back an front u need fi mek we knw a who u a dat u fi do an u see wah gwaan dead dog u all is just a bunch off haters i see it

  27. Suck hood paynelan u nuff nu bloodcloth di gal dem nu inna nu bag a chattings u need fi mek dem knw u an u just get f**k all knw none a di gal dem nu comment dem say a hole dem want hole u go suck u madda suck cocky gal u too nuff a hate unnu hate the bloodcloth gal dem y dem ago hide an friad fi comment dem na work an dem nu look good an unnu a worry bout the gal dem cum suck out the gal dem pussy big holla….u guys r sum set off haters

  28. Big pussy hot gyal a road lke how yuh suh up fi tlk pon pinkwall y the ***k yuh nuh mek wi know a u dog shit yuh knw ntn bout wi big suck cocky gyal unuh ave tme fi watch we inna party n unuh seh wi nuh look good but yet still u n crew ave tme fi watch wi a waste a time fi a chat wid unuh big pussy waste gyal n naah mek wi knw a who unuh cum suck out di hole a wi nice clean pussy

  29. Lol man want any of you you can call your man name you can own him. U can post a pic with him in any social net worth. No no no no so u can talk to me just watch u all back skii girls no one jealous of any one, tell sandy to stop f!!!!k blingas behind Maxine back. That u should do, tell suck pussy gall stop eat the pussy meat that u should do. Mi just stop at the gas station were u all love stop a tek pic come see me. Me park in my car

  30. Big suck cocky gal a joke ting u inna we really want to see u please just mek we buck an u will see f**k out gal weh nu man nu want memba say u a di frist gal pussy sandy suck u fi get an true u pussy too sting an big dats y she lef u bitch a it a cause all adi fuss an cuss big holla from man want u any man will want any one off us bitch wen u pose a pic a ur man we will pose….stop worry bout the gal dem dem nu knw u so just stop mystery lady gal f**k ga an not mma

  31. A chat u a cha u would be a dead bloodcloth gal inna the day yah a jealous u jealous f**k out gal y u eye ball too red waise gal weh u get out a diss u belly full knw big pussy gal look like u like to see the gal dem

  32. Lol di skii girls dem a look a forword true dem an skyscrapa youth dem a friend no correction tru dem f**k dem out all the brown one weh get f**k an duck u knw u self f**k out gal unnn dont look good

  33. Hey piss a bed hot gyal a rd,weh nuh stop walk an kotch a ppl yaad an a wear d ppl dem clothes an dem panty,show up yuhself if Yuh tink yuh bad cause a tonite u wuda end up a madden big ediat gyal!!!!

  34. The one in the black ugly nuh f**k nothing caay fix her too much tattoo all man name she tattoo on her self shi a really man shoes DWL unruly your one ugly mother f**ker Kevin light up shoes Shoes

  35. So wait is Kevin name she have on her. She s real clown so wait him have her name. This a real Metz you girl in the black never put on man name on you unless is your son or dad. Does he have on your name shit house. U not even in the wife position and u a do that, Kevin model her infront a you all time. Like last week at magnum his overseas girl was there how did you feel. U could even go say hey to him. Smh him drive and not even that you didn’t get a drop home. At the end of the day all the talk you a talk u just good for the dick sucking which him can easily find a next girl to do for him. I hate to see girls be so fool. Him a give you money no no no. So what u getting. Nothing for nothing just for you to walk a say a your mAn. Kmt

  36. Like how unu a run up unu mouth pon pinkwall jus mek we know a who unu be….big pussy suck cocky hot gal a rd like u a gwan like say u bad u and big pussy bite buddy fren dem jus mek we know a who unu be and unu see the result.. Cause we know say we bad ina real like..

  37. Big idiot gal portmore it hurt u eehh how the portmore boy dem a f**k we and u jus a suck off the whole a them cocky f**k big ola

  38. Big idiot gal portmore it hurt u eehh how the portmore boy dem a f**k we and u jus a suck off the whole a them cocky f**k big ola

  39. Kmft right knw me nu see nu sence inna diss yow…these girls r not the only girls dem weh bleach an put an tatoo yow diss boring sender cum wid sumting else aswear diss na cut nu dash bleaching a d lease…a wah day me deh a one party an every gal weh step in dem a bleach an dem look good so please sender u na crack nu dash boring boring boring kmft

  40. The fact is these girls r not the only girls who bleach but a them on the highlight. To just state why bleaching is wrong over all. Just reach home from magnum and them didn’t look any better. You see the thing is when the bleaching and the makeup mix is not a good look. The fact people don’t wear them right shade and three friend wear each other makeup and when the picture man light hit your face it don’t come out right. I went to see them last night and honest they don’t look good.

  41. Lol u serious sender all magnum u go an a watch the girls dem sumting is wrong y ur eyes only a catch on dem nu more gal nu inna di dance weh nu look good…lol me deh a work me an my friends an sender is u a worry bout these girls trust mi….y u a watch another girl make up dem bleaching an how dem dress come on sender diss nu mek nu sence…u work sender if u do u wounldnt let these girl be a problem to u kmft u need fi leave these girls alone an pay more attention to summu weh mek sence…all the last girl wats wrong wid her nutting sender u a woman stop find fault with another woman dat nu niece sender look how much man deh a road weh a give we problem an we na do nutting bout it kmft deh a my work send ur store is lose bad kmft

  42. Lol u serious sender all magnum u go an a watch the girls dem sumting is wrong y ur eyes only a catch on dem nu more gal nu inna di dance weh nu look good…lol me deh a work me an my friends an sender is u a worry bout these girls trust mi….y u a watch another girl make up dem bleaching an how dem dress come on sender diss nu mek nu sence…u work sender if u do u wounldnt let these girl be a problem to u kmft u need fi leave these girls alone an pay more attention to summu weh mek sence…all the last girl wats wrong wid her nutting sender u a woman stop find fault with another woman dat nu niece sender look how much man deh a road weh a give we problem an we na do nutting bout it kmft deh a my work send ur store is lose bad kmft

  43. kmfrt sender yuh si di keyboard bad gyol thing wi nuh deh pon it wi nuh ave time fi war wid wi keyboard suh just make wi knw yuh an yuh si

  44. Sender i can see dat is u suck hood nuff true is the true bad bich so every body weh pick up fi the girls dem a dem friend waist gal…sender go an look a bloodclothe job an low the gal dem…sender from my point a view a u a di bad apple….u so u love critize bloodclothe people bitch an u can bet say u a nu body suck hood sender buddy more fit ur mouth cause u nu ramp fi use it up sender u can bet say u nuh look good lol sender go back up inna u mumma an born again stay bad sender weh a find faul a people an she cant even mek 1 f**k out sender

  45. The one Ina the black dress ugly nuh f**k any man a f**k she them bag her face Nikki u always clean frm day one

  46. Hot gal a road go suck out u madda bout u a watch the gal dem u can bet say u nu look good bitch y u a hide so no sah u can bet say u life sad sender a true the man nu want u u na get nu forward….sender go look a bloodclothe life bout the fact is gwey mon u look like u f**k gal….bout the gal dem nu mek nu sence cum suck out the gal dem pussy an batty an go continue suck u hood dem

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