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good morning i came across an interesting topic this morning at the office, they were talking about child out of wed lock, during that convo i heard that mr icotane is actually freddy mcgregor son (brother to chino and steven mcgregor) i was told that he is an outside child and he was dis owed by the mcgregor’s so he dont deal with none of them because of this. i would like to know if this story can be confrimed

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  1. I always tght freddie had multiple babymama …not just judy mowatt alone….anyhow octane really is spitting image of dem now dat de sender mention it…..but could be mind ova matta

  2. No yuh know mi just a see the resemblance, the liver lip ..why him fava Chino so much in that photo ?
    Freddie yuh need fi do a DNA

  3. Met I’ve heard this talk before. I have even heard it from the horse’s mouth that people say so but nothing nuh go so. I don’t know rasta but there is really some resemblance. Freddie has 7 or 8 children that he owns but I have heard that there could be more weh nuh know bout or weh him nuh bring to light. When you have a roaming cocky, you can never know, especially one weh nuh care or business wid nothing

  4. him do look like them no joke but yuh knw dere is always smaddy out deh weh actually luk like u or can pass fe u…suh hey

  5. Dem resemble fi true…..Met put up a pic wid di two a dem…..Met u Nuh see dem have up picture wid chino and yendi sey dem split

  6. dis yah one yah bigga than we met.. when it comes to 28 yr old octane freddie your are the father.. pz confirm

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