Di sender seh dis a Yendi two foot dem whey God give her..And yes God giveth and he taketh indeed..Di face gottit and fi feet dont gotit at all..but may God bless yuh two foot dem Yendi they are carrying you chooo..and chooo…

0 thoughts on “YENDI’S FEET

  1. Dem two foot deh need fi guh straight dung ah Molynes Road to di nearest alignment stand. Di pretzel toe dem a mek mi dizzy.

  2. Amen at Anony nobody nuh perfect. With that face would have though!! Yendi yuh toe dem look like ginger..

  3. Why her toe dem fava bolt toe suh .. An unuh need fi stop talk bout pretty cause she nuh pretty. Pretty woman nuh need fi wear makeup night an day . Wid out makeup she fava 1 raas freckles banana

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